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Kunzer is a small tehsil located in the Baramulla District of Jammu and Kashmir State. The location of Kunzer is at 34.9 0N Latitude and 74.50 0E Longitude and it is located at height of 1,761 m from the average sea level. Kunzer is also a tehsil with many villages included in it. The nearby cities of Kunzer Town are Baramulla (20 KM away), Srinagar (37 KM away), Sopore (27 KM away) and Bandipore (44 KM away). Kunzer Town is also the headquarters of Kunzer Tehsil. Kunzer does not have any railway station within 10 KM of it.

About Kunzer

The nearby railway stations of Kunzer are Pattan Railway Station (12 KM away), Rajwansher Railway Station (13 KM away) and Mazhom Railway Station (12 KM away). The major railway station nearest to Kunzer is the Jammu Tawi Railway Station that is located around 176 KM away from Kunzer. The nearest airport to Kunzer is Srinagar Airport (28 KM away). The Pathankot Airport is about 260 KM away from Kunzer and Gaggal Airport is about 288 KM away from Kunzer. According to the census of 2001, the total population of Kunzer is 1908 and the main language spoken here is Urdu. Languages like Hindi, Punjabi, and Gujari are also spoken here. Winter climate of Kunzer remains extreme and the minimum temperature becomes -2 0C in January. Summer months are also quite cold in Kunzer. Read here the information about Kunzer Town of Jammu and Kashmir.

Nearby Tourist Places of Kunzer

Kunzer Town is an important gateway to many other tourist destinations of Jammu and Kashmir. Find here information about nearby tourist places of Kunzer.


“Meadows of Flowers” or Gulmarg is a charming tourist place of Baramulla District located very close to Kunzer. Gulmarg, a place famous for its huge varieties of flowers, is only 11 KM away from Kunzer. Gulmarg is the main hub of all types of winter sports in India. Mountain biking, trekking, skiing and golfing are various outdoor activities that one can enjoy at Gulmarg. The famous places of Gulmarg are the Shiva Temple and Mount Apharwat. Your Gulmarg visit cannot be complete without riding Gulmarg Gondola, the cable car system of Gulmarg.


Located around 16 KM away from Kunzer,  Khilanmarg  is located 2000 feet above Gulmarg and is 4 KM walk from there. Known for its spectacular views of the Himalayan Mountain peaks, Khilanmarg is also famous for its colorful flower beds during summer and spring. Many outdoor activities are arranged in Khilanmarg during winters.  Visitors get clear view of Nanda Parbat and the twin peaks Kun and Nun from Khilanmarg. Another interesting tourist spot in Khilanmarg is the Alpather Lake.


Parihaspora Town is a beautiful tourist attraction located very close to Kunzer. During the rule of Raja Shakervarman, Parihaspora was the capital city of Kashmir. People keep visiting the archaeological sites of Parihaspora like Pattan Bazar, Parishpora Pattan etc. Parihaspora Town has many religious shrines of the Jains and the Buddhists and many temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Buddhist monasteries and Stupas are also among the main tourist attractions of Parihaspora.

Kunzer to BandiporeBandipore

Also known as Port of Wular, Bandipore Town is situated on the eastern shores of Wular Lake. Bandipore houses an attractive park that resembles Nishat Bagh of Kashmir. Apart from its captivating surroundings, Bandipore is famous for many types of activities like trekking, mountaineering, fishing and camping. Fishing in the Arin Nallah of Bandipore is a favorite pass time for the visitors here. This nullah is the house to many exotic fish species like Silver Trout, Grey Trout and Rainbow Trout.


Sopore is a small town near Kunzer located on the banks of Jhelum River. It is also nicknamed as the “Apple Town of Asia”. The town houses many religious shrines of the Hindus and the Muslims. They are Jamia Masjid, Hathi-Shah Sahib, Daid Mouj Mundji, Khan-kah Shah-i-Hamdan, Kali Mandir, Rishi Peer Mandir, Bhairon Mandir and Shiv Mandir.
Other tourist spots around Kunzer are Wular Lake and Manasbal Lake. Religious shrines like Zeyarat Baba Reshi at Tangmarg, Zeyarat Dastigeer Sahib, Zeyarat Baba Shakoor-u-din at Watlab are also frequently visited by the tourists.

One Day Trip from Kunzer

It is possible to arrange one-day trip from Kunzer as this small town is surrounded by many beautiful places like Srinagar, Pulwama, Budgam, Avantipur etc. It is possible to reach these places from Kunzer, visit the famous tourist spots there and come back to Kunzer on the same day. Find here the information about places that can be covered in a day from Kunzer.

Kunzer to Avantipur

Kunzer to Avantipur

Located at a distance of about 90-95 KM away from Kunzer, Avantipur can be reached within 2 hours from Kunzer by road. Considered as one of the most happening tourist places of Jammu and Kashmir State, Avantipur is famous for its ancient temples of Avantiswami-Vishnu and Shiva-Avantishwara. These two temples date back to 9th century AD and were built during the rule of King Avantivarman. The architectural style of these two temples is similar to the Greek architectural style. The best time to visit Avantipur is from April to November.

Kunzer to Budgam

Located around 61 KM from Kunzer, it takes around 1 hour 15 minutes to reach Budgam from Kunzer. Famous for its unspoiled natural beauty, Budgam is a place that has landscapes ranging from plains to mountains. The famous tourist places of Budgam include Mount Tuta Kutti, Nilnag, Yousmarg, Tosmaidan, Doodpathri, Gandhak Nag, Budgam Imambara, Tomb of Hazrat Ganga Baba Rishi etc.

Kunzer to Pulwama

The distance between Kunzer and Pulwama is about 82 KM and it takes around 1½ hours to 2 hours to reach Pulwama from Kunzer.  Pulwama has earned its worldwide fame for its beautiful and historical roadway, the Mughal Road. Other famous tourist spots of Pulwama are Marsar Lake, Hurpora Lake, Tarsar Lake, Aripal Nag, Ahrbal Fall, Shikar Bagh,  Nagberan, Kungwattan, Avantishwar Temple, Payer Temple and Tomb of Syed Hassan Mantaqui. Other popular religious shrines of Pulwama are Asar Sharief Pinjoora and Jama Masjid Shopian. The best time to visit Pulwama is from April to October.

Kunzer to Srinagar

Popularly known as Venice of the East, Srinagar is also the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir State. Srinagar is located about 37 – 40 KM away from Kunzer and it takes around an hour to reach Srinagar from Kunzer by road. Srinagar is famous for its beautiful lakes, houseboats and endless gardens created by the Mughal rulers. The famous gardens of Srinagar are Shalimar Bagh, Chashma Bagh, Achabal Bagh, and Nishat Bagh.

Kunzer to Srinagar

The lakes of Srinagar that attract numerous tourists everyday are Nagin Lake, Dal Lake and Anchar Lake. Sirnagar also houses Dachigam wildlife Sanctuary, Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, Sri Pratap Singh Museum, Hazratbal Mosque, Jamia Masjid, Shankaracharya Temple and Jyeshtheswara Temple. 

Kunzer to Anantnag

Located around 120 – 130 KM away from Kunzer, Anatnag is also popular as the Valley of Lakes and springs. It takes around 3 hours to reach Anatnag from Kunzer by road. Anantnag is famous for its numerous religious shrines like Shilagram Temple, Goswami Gund Ashram, Shiva Temple, Ganesh Temple, and Hanuman Temple etc. Famous springs of Anantnag are Salag Nag, Malik Nag and Nag Bal. Martand Sun Temple, Kheerbawani Asthapan and Masjid Syed Shab are some other religious shrines of Anantnag. 

Weekend Getaways from Kunzer

Kunzer has some other beautiful places that are slightly far off from Kunzer and can be ideal weekend destinations for travel freaks. Find here the information about some weekend getaways from Kunzer.

Kunzer to Dras

Kunzer to Doda

Located in Udhampur District of Jammu and Kashmir s State, Doda is a beautiful tourist destination located at a height of 1107 m. Set amidst the panoramic natural beauty, Doda is famous for its Chinta Valley, Bhaderwah, Seoj Meadow, and Bhal Padri. Doda is located about 300 KM away from Kunzer. Doda houses many religious shrines like Subar Nag Temple, Vasuki Nag Temple, Thubu Nag Temple, Sheetal Mata Temple, the Gupt Ganga Temple, Alalbani Temple etc. Seoj Meadow of Doda is also called diamond in the crown of Bhaderwah as it has beautiful snow-covered mountains around it.

Kunzer to Patnitop

Patnitop is another famous hill resort located in the Udhampur District of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located about 250 – 260 KM away from Kunzer. Patinitop was known by the name Patan Da Talab. Dense forest of Deodar Tress, captivating views and serene atmosphere of Patnitop make it one of the most popular picnic spots of this region. Many outdoor activities like skiing, trekking, golfing, paragliding, horse riding etc can be enjoyed here. Popular tourist spots of Patnitop are Sudh Mahadev Temple, Shiva Garh, Buddh Amarnath Temple, Gaurikund and the Nag Temple.

Kunzer to Dras

The distance between Kunzer and Dras is about 180 – 190 KM and Dras is also called the Gateway to Ladakh.  Dras being very close to Kargil, it has become a preferred tourist destination for the adventure enthusiasts. Dras War Memorial is a famous tourist spot of Dras. Another tourist destination is the Draupadi Kund. Many enjoy doing trekking at the Suru Valley that is located very close to Dras Town.

Kunzer to Rajouri

Located about 240 – 250 KM from Kunzer, Rajouri is a popular tourist destination near Kunzer. Many historical monuments of this town were created by the rulers of Jaral Dynasty.  Rajaouri is famous for its numerous lakes like Samot Sar, Gum Sar, Diya Sar, Chamar Sar etc. Other tourist places in Rajouri are Mangladevi Fort,  Naogazi Ziarat, Usman Memorial , Balidan Bhawan, Muradpur Sarai and Thannamandi Sarai. The best time to visit Rajouri is from April to November.

Kunzer to Sankoo

Kunzer to Sankoo

If scenic beauty is what you always die for then Sankoo is the ideal weekend destination from Kunzer. Located at a distance of about 300 KM from Kunzer, Sankoo is a small township located in a small valley. Small rivulets like Kartse and Nakpochu flow through this valley. There is a forest very close to this township that is explored by the tourists who come here. Karpo-Khar Shrine, dedicated to Sayed Mir Hashim, is another popular religious shrine of Sankoo.

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